Exit Stock – What is The Right Time to Exit a Stock?

Exit Stock

We’re always thinking about the right time to invest, or when to enter the market. But have you ever thought about the right time to exit a stock market? People often focus on the plan to make the right entry, but neglect to work on the key points that will help them exit at the right time.

Skipping this step may let you bear heavy losses. Getting impatient, overexcited, greedy, and emotional can also be the causes of your trading plan. With the right planning and by understanding the big picture, you can figure out when you should make any moves in the stock market. This blog is going to share the most relevant answer of when to exit a stock or stock market. 

The Key Technical Pointers About Sell or Exit a Stock

To be a successful trader, you need to have definite sell and buy rules. To get the right profit earned, one needs multiple skills by which it gets easy to locate the risk factors, entry positions, managing trade, and then the time to exit when the cost turns opposite. 

It is not that difficult to take an exit but one should closely observe the price movement and should not skip the signs of large-scale reversal or trend change.

Here are some key technical sell signs:

  1. Closing near day’s low When a stock gets closed near its all-day low for consecutive days, then this signs that the stock price has reached its peak and you should take an exit now. 
  2. When new highs are seen on low volume- Some stocks make new highs but on lower volume. This depicts that the investors have lost their overall interest in that stock and you should make a stock exit strategy now. 
  3. 200-day moving average line- Stocks that are 70 to 100 percent above their 200-days moving average price line, may get sold. This depicts that such stock has already got extended a lot and now a decline can happen anytime. 
  4. Poor performance of relative strength index- A rapid decline in relative strength line signs technical weakness. You can keep an eye on the relative strength line to know the right time to exit a stock. 

As you may know, there are a number of other factors that will help you determine when to exit the stock market. The above factors will help you to denote that if a stock has reached its all-time high and is about to fall. To know more about this, let’s put some limelight on some other major aspects. 

Company Profile Plays a Major Role in Your Exit Strategy

Do you invest in the stock of any random company? No, then it is also important for you to know about the aspects of the company profile, which signs that you should exit that stock. To buy right and sit tight, you should note down the below-mentioned pointers about a company’s profile, which denotes when to exit a stock position. 

When the company is already dealing with corporate governance issues

Once a corporate governance issue comes in a company’s way, it turns almost impossible for the company to vanish it out from its prospectus. The situation of corporate governance helps you to know the actual relationship between stakeholders and the company. 

If you find out about any legal issue which the company has not been able to resolve and has been indulged in regulatory trouble, then it will be the right time for you to exit. Investors often make the mistake of skipping corporate governance issues and then need to face heavy losses. As an investor, you should mark this point in your stock market exit strategy plan. 

When the fundamentals of a company are changing

When a company does not stay true to its fundamentals, it will be the right time to exit stock market. Delay in reporting or growth and continuous underperformance are aspects that you should not ignore as an investor. 

The status of debt is also an important aspect of a company’s future condition. You need to watch the company’s debt-to-market cap ratio. Less ratio will sign that the company is more stable and will cover up all its debt adequately. 

The next step after exiting or selling a stock

Thinking more about your exit step you should motivate yourself that you had made the right move and at the right time. There will be movements when the price will go back higher after your exit, but that is actually the true nature of the stock market. Besides thinking about what you have done, learn from your work and make a suitable plan for trading and investing in the stock market. 

How do we at Chart Analysis help you to be a perfect investor or trader?

Chart Analysis guides you about technical analysis and in the making of the right trading and investment plan. Our courses help you to learn all about the stock market and hence to become a more successful trader or investor. 


All in all, it is equally important to work on the aspects which help in determining the right time to exit the stock market. Since you cannot make the right predictions, you can learn the right indicators so that you can make the right decisions at the right time. Keep a watch on the factors like fundamentals, debt status, and corporate governance to predict a company’s future situation. Stay connected for more and enjoy investing.

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