Immediate or Cancel (IOC)- What is IOC in Trading?



Newcomers or people in other fields may not be familiar with many specific terms in trading terms. IOC is one type of order used to trade stocks. In this article, we will talk about how IOC in stock marker works. 


What Exactly Does IOC Mean?

The IOC is one of many types of orders in the stock market. In stock market trading, an IOC, or “immediate or cancellation” order, is used by the trader or investor. Immediately following its initiation, the order will be executed as suggested by the IOC full form. Either the order is completed or it is cancelled during execution. For this type of order, there are never any residue trades or orders. 

There is no need for the trader or investor to intervene in the cancellation process since it is initiated automatically.

In other words, IOC meaning in trading refers to a trade that was automated with all the details being provided by the trader or investor and executed in a few seconds after the order was placed.

What are the Benefits of IOC Orders?

Every order type has its own characteristics and utility. The next thing to come to mind after quelling a basic curiosity is what a thing’s utility is. Every participant in the trading world looks for this basic understanding when encountering a new term.

For traders who wish to execute large orders while at the same time wanting not to influence the market with a long period of their presence, IOC is most definitely the most helpful.

The partial fulfilment of its promises is one of its features that adds more weight to the statement above. Partially fulfilling an order is one example of IOC’s flexibility in letting the trader get the most from the market.

This feature is mostly used when there are time constraints and multiple securities are needed to be traded. 

When is An IOC Order Most Effective?

IOC is most useful to a trader that needs both lots of security and to trade quickly.

There are many others benefits of IOC as well. Despite its short duration and flexibility, it is noticeable, mainly to trading program developers, as it is incorporated into many trading algorithms. Traders looking for nimble trading may also choose this order type.

Types of IOC Orders

IOC orders can be combined with Market or/and limit orders.

  1. A limit IOC order is executed at a specified price of the trader’s choice
  2. A market IOC order whereas is executed at the best price available in the market at the time of execution.

When to Place an IOC Order Type?

  1. Quick Buy and Sell: The prices move quickly in options trading making it difficult to buy or sell options at the desired price. A Limit IOC Order may be used for immediate Buy or Sell Options in such cases.
  2. Large Quantities: A Market IOC Order Type is usually preferred while buying shares in large quantities to avoid varying prices while trading.
  3. Multiple Stocks: IOC order is generally preferred by people dealing with multiple and large amounts of stocks lest they forget a trade of theirs and face some loss due to that.
  4. Illiquid Stocks: Due to the fundamental features of IOC, stocks of illiquid nature are usually traded using IOC. Using IOC, the share price of such stocks, for trading, can be set at the current market price as the minimum amount and executed. Such order, on execution, will either succeed or automatically cancel in case of a mismatch. 

Distinguishing Features

Although similarities may be there, the biggest distinguishing feature is the quick execution of an IOC order compared to other types. E.g.:

  1. Compared to a day order: Cancellation of a day order occurs after the trading day but an IOC is quick in execution and cancellation if the execution isn’t possible, i.e., completed in just a few seconds.

2. Compared to a GTC order: While a GTC order remains existing for a month in the case, an IOC is cancelled immediately in a similar scenario.

Example situations for using IOC order

In a situation where a trader wants to buy 50,000 shares of A and further estimate that for a difference of Rs.1, they can get the whole quantity. In such a case, an IOC order may help the trader get in and out of the market quickly without any fluctuations in buying price of stocks.

Some of the top Brokers offering IOC Order in India
  • Alice blue
  • Upstox
  • ICICI Securities

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IOC full form is Immediate or Cancel Order. Any IOC order either gets executed immediately or cancelled in milliseconds.

  • A partial match ends up with partial execution of the IOC order. The unmatched portion is cancelled.
  • IOC Limit Order may be used to buy or sell at a determined price. 
  • IOC Market Order is used quite a bit for buying or selling shares at the current market price.
  • The only difference between IOC, Day, and GTC orders is the Validity.
  • IOC Order is most useful for Illiquid stocks and while trading in Huge Quantities or Multiple Stocks.

So, here was a detailed introduction to concepts like IOC stocks and IOC share price. Stay connected with Chart Analysis for more such updates and important information of the stock market.



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