Top 15 Reasons to Start Investing in Stocks


People are driving themselves towards the stock market to make money. Some people love to trade, while others like to invest in the stock market. Well, investing in stocks/trades is about learning, evaluating new things, having fun, and making money over the long term.

If you are thinking about investing in the stock market but still have trouble making a decision, then you are going to find the right reasons to do so. In this blog, we are going to share 15 reasons to invest your money in stocks. 

Why Should We Start Investing in The Stock Market?

Thinking about why is it important to invest in the stock market? Well, the below-mentioned reasons will help you to get the right answer. So, keep calm and dive into the full content. 

    1. A perfect way for long term investment- The stock market gives you a lot of options of earning, in which you can invest in the stocks for the long term or can also hold the stock under the delivery-based trading. The stock market gives you enough time to judge the performance of stock. It is a place from which you can withdraw your money anytime, according to your requirement. 
    2. Gives good return- Investing in the stock market can help you to get huge returns which are very difficult from any other field of investment. This is a place in which you can judge a stock according to the profile and past performance of the company. Many people have gained huge profit through short term investment in different stocks. You need to get the requisite knowledge to pick the right stock and to make the right investment plan. 
    3. There is no lock-in period- You might hear about many investment plans which give high returns but need to lock your money. Well, nothing like that happens in the stock market. There is no lock in period. There is no limited time frame and boundations, which ask you to sell your stock at a certain point of time. You can either sell your stock right after purchasing or can also hold it for as long as you want. 
    4. Helps you get regular income with long term return- Stock market also opens the options of regular income for you. This is a place from which you can earn regularly by trading in different stocks and trades rather than investing for the long term. You can buy a stock at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. In addition, it gives you the option to sell a stock at a higher price, then to buy it at a lower price. By proper learning you can utilise every feature of stock market investing and trading perfectly. 
    5. Also provide benefits from merger- There are situations when two companies get merged or a company takes over the other one. In such a situation the price moves upward. You can grab this opportunity by investing in the companies which are about to merge. This will help you to earn huge returns. All you need to do is to keep an eye on daily market updates and news. 
    6. Help you to earn from dividends- Many companies serve dividends. This is a process of distributing profit to their investors. Invest in the stock market to earn regularly by investing in dividend stock at the right time. 
    7. Provides bonus shares- Stock market also gives you a chance to get complimentary earning through bonus shares. Many companies offer bonus shares to their existing investors, whenever it plans to collect funds by opening new stocks or plan for any expansion. By investing in the stock market, you can grab the bonus shares which get offered at lower prices than the current market value.

This is another major reason from the list of top 10 reasons to invest in stocks.

  1. Allow you to invest with little funds- Stock market allows you to invest even if you have small investment capital. There is no minimum limit. You can invest according to the price of stocks on a particular day. Also, it is good to keep an amount of investment capital in hand, on which you can bother the risk. 
  2. You can make your own decisions- Stock market allows you to make your own decisions under which you can choose amongst the extent and type of investment. It is a place where you can control your investment perfectly. 
  3. Works with a simple trading process- Trading in the stock market is easier as everything is under your control through online trading. This helps you to easily buy and sell the stocks while sitting on your comfortable couch. 
  4. Provide a wide range of options- There are many options of investing and trading in the stock market. Delivery based trading, margin trading, and derivative trading are some major forms, you can choose from according to your suitability and knowledge. 
  5. A totally transparent procedure- Everything happens in any stock and trade stays in front of your eyes. You can also get to know the reasons behind every change in the price of stocks by staying updated with the market news. 
  6. Involve lower brokerage- You don’t need to pay a high amount of brokerage like any other methods of investment. You need to pay a small amount in the name of brokerage during online stock market trading. 
  7. You get extensive help- You can seek the advice from the experts and analysts, through different channels. You can also utilise the information given in many technical charts and other analysis services. 
  8. Let you take part in the growth- It directly connects you with a company when you buy the stocks. Doing this, you become a part of the growth of a company and also contribute to the growth of the overall economy. 

How Chart Analysis is helping you?

In stock market investing and trading, Chart Analysis will provide you with all the information you need. By learning intraday trading strategies with Umesh Sharma, you can actually polish your skills and can make your trading more efficient. This is the place where you will learn all the tips and tricks that will help you multiply your trading and investment capital. 


Here we have discussed the 15 major reasons to start investing in stocks. We hope this will help you to get an answer of why to invest in stock market India. To contribute to the growth of the economy, to generate a second source of income, and to get superior returns on your investment capital, you can pick the way of the stock market. Share your feedback and queries with us and enjoy investing!


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