Stock Trading Tips – How to trade the market in 5 steps?

Learn how to trade the market in 5 steps

When you trade according to the right strategy, you can earn enormous profits from the stock market, despite its volatility. If you do not have adequate research and learn, it is hard to earn maximum return on your trading capital.
A perfect stock trading requires adequate time and investment in learning the tricks and strategies of trading. You have to educate yourself by reading more about the financial markets with the help of price actions and charts. Technical analysis will help you in fundamental analysis and to predict the price movement of different stocks and trades too. In this blog we are going to help you learn how to trade the market in 5 steps.

What stock market trading actually is?

Before knowing about how to do intraday trading, it is important for you to understand what stock market trading actually is. In common language, trading means buying and selling of shares in the secondary market on the same trading day. This makes it important to understand all about the primary and secondary markets. Let’s put some highlight on these both:

  1. Primary market: It is that place in which the companies issue new securities and issue them to the general public. In the primary market, transactions happen between the issuer companies and buyers.
  2. Secondary market: In this market you can either buy and sell shares which actually get issued in the primary market. Here the transaction happens between the buyer and seller. Here the broker or stock exchange works like an intermediary.

5 major steps of how to trade in stock market

Step 1- Get your trading account open

You might know about this most obvious step but it is important to discuss. To begin your trading journey, find a good online stock broker and get your stock brokerage account open by following a simple procedure. It is always good to have a separate and professional trading account.

Step 2- Also learn to read a market crash course

Next major step of the trading procedure is to learn about all the aspects of stock market trading. Beginners and even those who had already started trading are advised to stay glued to financial articles, financial books, stock market news websites and tutorials. This helps you to gain a lot of information about the overall working of the stock market. Gaining the right knowledge will help you to make an efficient trading and investment plan.

Step 3- Learn to analyse stock market

It is important to know the ways of learning the reason behind every change that happens in the stock market. Technical analysis will help you to understand the stock market from top to bottom. Technical analysis includes learning through different charts and patterns which helps in adequate understanding of the stock market. It is also important to not to skip the companies’ spreadsheets because it signs about the possible trading edges.

Step 4- Also practice trading

There are many platforms from which you can even practice trading and get the experience of buying and selling stocks, without even investing the real money. This helps to polish your trading skills and also enhance your decision-making skills. Many stock market games help you to understand the overall pattern of trading. Approach one to gain more knowledge.

Step 5- Find out the major ways to learn and practice trading

The more you learn and get experienced the better you become. This fact is also applicable on the basic steps to start trading. One can also approach either the online or even the offline trading classes to enhance their overall trading skills. At Chart Analysis, we offer you the right courses that help to enhance your trading and investing skills of the stock market and hence to become a better stock trader.

Other major steps included in how to do stock trading
  1. Get the technical and fundamental knowledge of the stock- Fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks helps you to plan a perfect trading. It helps you to measure the overall risk included in any stocks or trade. It helps you to learn about the stocks from the perspectives like earnings, assets, expenses, and liabilities.
  2. Learn to put the stop loss- Stock market is highly volatile and hence it is important to learn how to put the stop loss to ignore huge losses. This helps to minimise the overall loss. Ignoring a stop loss can damage your investment and trading capital.
  3. Get the guidance of an expert- To judge the stocks and share market adequately, you need to get the right guidance from an expert. At Chart Analysis, Mr. Umesh Sharma is helping many to learn the finest way of how to trade in the market.
  4. Start dealing in safer stocks- Another major aspect of how to stock trade is to start with the safer stock. In the beginning, you should start trading in less volatile stocks. This will help you to gain massive knowledge about trading and hence help you to become a better trader.


Stock market is a vast place and hence it requires proper time and efforts to learn about each and every aspect of it. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can definitely achieve your goals for which you are planning to step in stock market trading. It is important for the beginners to not to believe the random messages shared on various social media channels, about investing in any particular stock or trade. This can be the cause for heavy losses. Besides this, understand the stocks according to what you have learned.

Here were all the major steps about how to trade the stock market. Stay connected with Chart Analysis for more updates and information about the stock market. Happy trading!

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