How Many Kinds of Income Does a Business Have?


If you are dreaming to be an entrepreneur of any business, then you should stay aware of this topic: how many kinds of income does a business have.

Every business has many short and long-term goals when it gets started. Rapid and consistent income is necessary for every kind of business to sustain itself in this competitive world. It is also important for every business to collect great wealth and popularity for its future and its shareholders as well.

Here we are going to discuss different aspects or sources of income for a business. These sources include sales, operating income, other income, and exceptional income.

Different kinds of income a business does have

Sales- It is the fuel for every business which needs to grow rapidly and constantly for the smooth and effective running of every business. Whether you are selling products or services, your overall sales depict the performance of your business.
It directly impacts your total income. A business holder must approach different ways and must put a lot of effort into increasing its overall sales and hence increasing its overall income as well. An investor likes to invest in a business that has consistent growth in its annual or quarterly income.

Well, investors don’t like to invest in a business that needs to deal on credit periods. Businesses like cement companies and capital goods companies generally need to deal on credit periods with their clients. Businesses with less credit period can also get the attraction of investors. But for business, where the credit period is high, there are higher chances for the payment to get stuck.

Operating Income- It is another big way of income for many businesses. In this, a business holder earns revenue by selling the by-products or scrape which remains after the completion of the final product.

Car companies are a big example of this. They sold the remaining scrap like rubbers, bearings, metals etc. to several recycling companies and got the revenue earned. This revenue is known as operating income.

Exceptional Income- Another aspect of income for any business is this exceptional business, which doesn’t get counted in total income or revenue. This can be elaborated as unexpected loss or profit. This profit or loss is a one-time affair that is not consistent in nature.

This profit or loss can happen during unpredictable legal settlements, one-time disposal of assets, due to some discontinued operations, or due to some one-time renovation.

As losses are uncertain for a business as they can even happen due to any natural disaster, in the same way, the business also has many inconsistent ways of income too, which is elaborated as exceptional income.

Other Income- There are many kinds of income that a business has. Other income is one of those which gets included in the total income, but it doesn’t constitute business income. This income is not linked with the main business and doesn’t link with how the real business is performing.

For example, if a business had some warehouses or any other area, from which it is getting rent, this rent will be considered as other income. Besides this, a business can also get interested in some asset which it has invested in or can also receive some dividends on the investment which is made. This other income can be consistent for a business and can support its ultimate objectives.

Let’s conclude

Here we discussed how many kinds of income does a business have. A business needs to focus on its sales and operating income to achieve its ultimate goals and to have consistent growth. Besides this, other income is also that source of income for a business which somewhere supports its overall working.

A business can depend on exceptional income for its success, but as it is unlikely to happen frequently, a business can’t rely on it in any way. Investors will get an impact on your business by looking at your sales and operating income.

So, here was all about how many kinds of income does a business have. Hope you like the information shared by us. We will keep you posted on more such information and please do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section below.


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